x-devian mano

  • X-Devian. The New Technologies To The People System
  • 2003-
  • Social event in public space: production, promotion and distribution of FLOSS software and advertising video x-devian.org
  • Presented with advertising video in the exhibition, and during the Irational Action Weekend in Dortmund Judging from the aesthetics x-devian looks like your standard commercial proprietary software. With its minimalistic »X« and slogan reading »With over 150 innovative new features, it’s like having an all-new computer«, the stylishly designed black-and-white cover effectively signals that this product means business — which it does. However, the content and not least the ethics of the product is explicitly opposed to the software culture promoted by neo-liberal corporations like Microsoft and Apple. As a bootable operating system (i. e. it does not need to be installed on your computer but can be run directly from the portable disk) based on GNU/Linux, x-devian is involved not in the business of capitalism but of free and shared culture. The system represents a comprehensive conceptual and practical reconfiguration of the economics of mainstream software culture. To use it, no investment in expensive software or hardware is necessary. Just insert the disk – which your can order for free at the X-Devian website – in your personal computer and you are ready to “go free”. Thus with X-Devian Technologies To The People invites the common user to experience and reflect upon the alternative wonders of Free and Libre Open Source Software, the true social and political »evolution of the species« in the computer age. (Jacob Lillemose)

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    international traveling exhibition

    Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona (January/March 2003)
    ZKM – Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe (May/August 2003)
    Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid (September/November 2003)

    Concept and direction:
    Karin Ohlenschlager / Luis Rico

    Ivan de la Nuez / Karin Ohlenschlager / Luis Rico / Peter Weibel

    Humanity is made up of an irregular tapestry of relations involving sixthousand million individuals who are co-evolving within an ecosystem oflimited resources. The complexity of contemporary experience, and thediversity of sensibilities and outlooks mingling within this tapestry,together with the vertiginous process of transformation in which we areimmersed on a global scale, have generated countless tensions anduncertainties. “Their comprehension requires us to overcome lineal andmonosectorial technical schemas to arrive at a totally differenthermeneutics if we wish to approach this new reality”. (Jose Vidal Beneyto).

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    Valencia, entre moderna y rancia

    Políticos y artistas dan su visión de la ciudad tras clamar al cielo un sector católico por filmes de hace 30 años

    FERRAN BONO – Valencia – 08/12/2002
    El País

    ¿Es Valencia rancia? Sí, podría haber contestado un visitante ocasional de la ciudad a tenor de algunas informaciones publicadas en la última semana con letras muy grandes. Titulares que han dado cuenta de los sarpullidos religiosos provocados por la inclusión en un ciclo de la Mostra de València de películas como El último tango en París, de Bertolucci, La religiosa, de Rivette, o Yo te saludo María, de Godard, las dos primeras con más de 30 años. Varios colectivos católicos, el arzobispo de Valencia, Agustín García Gasco, y también el presidente de las Cámaras de Comercio, Arturo Virosque, han clamado al cielo por la “provocación” que ha “herido” sus creencias religiosas. Vista la proyección mediática que han tenido los intentos de censura disfrazados de petición ecuménica de respeto, el arzobispo ha reiterado sus críticas, dirigidas al Ayuntamiento de Valencia, gobernado por Rita Barberá, por ser el organizador del festival. Ante un foro de fieles y en relación a la polémica, García Gasco advirtió hace unos días de que a su Virgen no la toca nadie.

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    Art for Networks

    Some of the most exciting international artists producing or using networks through their practice

    Rachel Baker, Anna Best, Heath Bunting, Adam Chodzko, Jeremy Deller, Honor Hager with Adam Hyde, Jodi, Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie, James Stevens, Technologies to the People/Daniel G Andujar, Stephen Willats.

    Curated by Cardiff-based artist Simon Pope.

    ‘Art for Networks’ focuses on some of the most exciting international artists producing or using networks through their practice.

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    Manifesta 4

    Verena Kuni Translated by Alexander Scrimgeour

    Frieze Issue 69 September 2002

    Various, Frankfurt, Germany

    imageAccording to the press release, ‘Manifesta wants to be an interactive workshop for looking at the latest developments in the realignment of current social, political, economic and cultural realities in Europe’. Practically, this is how it works: European curators who don’t know each other organize a biennial of contemporary art in a European city that they also don’t know, and often with artists whom they (and we) also don’t yet know. At the time of Manifesta 1 (held in Rotterdam in 1996) the idea held a lot of promise. It’s debatable, however, whether the curators of Manifesta 4 – Iara Bubnova, Nuria Enguiat Mayo and Stephanie Moisdon – really responded constructively to the show’s premise. They travelled around various countries and tried to meet, in their words, ‘as many individuals as possible’ and ‘construct the exhibition from that diverse mapping of a complex process’, but such mission statements have been described, not inappropriately, as amounting to no more than a ‘K-Mart of buzzwords’.

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    lux ziffer #3

    an anonymous award for those who feed or fight the digital dragon

    the lux ziffer award was first assigned at transmediale.01. lux ziffer #1went to Daniel Garcia Andujar for his CD-Rom Phoney TM, which in adisquieting way pretends to unlawfully access private data and to executeother illegal Internet actions .

    now the prize, which is awarded by an anonymous person, is again presentedat transmediale.03: it implies a cash prize of 666 euro for projects whichpursue a ‘cannibalistic, digital concept for the future’.

    lux ziffer #3 addresses artists who do not subordinate themselves to anapparent system of rules of the digital universe, but feel provoked tocircumvent, to break, to reinterpret or to subvert these rules in askillful and creative manner.

    information at
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    DataClouds, on-line participatory environments and ‘open source’

    On August 13 and 14, V2_Lab moderated a workshop on open source, free software and on-line participatory environments (such as DataWolk Hoeksche Waard and DataCloud2), within the framework of the International Symposium for Emoção Art.ficial in São Paolo, Brazil. Organized by Anne Nigten, manager V2_Lab, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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    Press Manifesta 4

    Press Manifesta 4. May 24th, Frankfurt
    Iara Boubnova, Stephanie Moisdon Trembley, Nuria Enguita Mayo

    A lot of things had been said here already that allows the entrance
    to our project, so I will try just quickly to add how this project has helped us, and I hope will help also the audience, to clarify better some of the questions that shaped our understanding of the reality.

    I would say we have acquired this knowledge through the contact and communication with all the participants in Manifesta 4. Thank to them we have gone inside some of the questions, and we have learn about very diverse strategies to discuss given structures in society, as well as very different ways to develop strong personal narratives.

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    Álvaro de los Ángeles

    Álvaro de los Ángeles reports on cultural policy in the region of Valencia, in particular the recent Bienal de Valencia and the new Museum of the XIX Century. Many members of the local community are angry at the regional government’s lack of transparency and accountability and are venting their fury through the Forum Cultural Valenciana hosted at www.e-valencia.org
    Translated from Spanish by Elida Maiques

    >> Banners hung from houses threatened with demolition by the extension of the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM)

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